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Connis O. Brown, III

Connis O. Brown, III has a broad practice that includes extensive experience in intellectual property, class action, products liability, design, real estate, commercial leasing, wrongful death, catastrophic accident, and business litigation.

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Seth P. Robert

Seth P. Robert has extensive courtroom experience, both through representing clients and from the other side of the bench as a law clerk for two years for the Honorable Arthur D. Spatt, United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York.

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The Brown Robert Difference

Legal representation should not be a revolving door of constantly changing lawyers and clients. We have a history of creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, which has proven to benefit both parties for years to come. 

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Practice Scope

Most frequently, we handle complex and technical litigation matters involving intellectual property, securities, products liability, engineering, architectural, real estate, commercial leasing, partnership, investment and business relationships.

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Aviation, Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Accident, Fire, Windstorm and Flood Claims Litigation
  • Represented lessor of industrial equipment in defense of action in which worker was killed by a forklift.
  • Represented manufacturing company in defense of claim for catastrophic injury sustained by worker in facility.
  • Represented prior owner of used manufacturing equipment in defense of products liability claim resulting from disfiguring injury.
  • Represented railroad in action involving wildfire burning adjacent lands.
  • Represented agricultural landowner involving multiple wrongful deaths due to claimed hazard on property.
  • Represented defendants in cases involving aircraft accidents caused by pilot error.
  • Represented owners of commercial vehicles in automotive and truck collisions.
  • Represented railroad in personal injury claims arising under FELA.
  • Represented construction equipment owner in accident involving collapse of equipment and catastrophic destruction of property.
  • Represented estate of deceased pilot in claims against aircraft maintenance company.
Breach of Contract and Interference with Contract
  • Represented interstate trucking company in Federal Court litigation involving dispute with former customer regarding unpaid freight tariffs and fraudulent inducement to perform shipping services.
  • Represented design professional in litigation involving design services contract.
  • Represented local manufacturing company in litigation against former executive relating to employment and brokerage contract.
  • Represented property management company in claim for interference with contractual relationship.
  • Represented national hotel in defending breach of contract claim involving vendor.
  • Represented international distributors in various tortious interference, supply contract and territorial sales disputes.
Class Actions
  • Represented defendant in defense of putative class action regarding the sale of insurance products.
  • Represented automotive manufacturer in class action relating to design and advertising issues.
Copyright Infringement
  • Represented software designer in action to stop use of copyrighted programs.
  • Represented photographer in multiple copyright litigations against manufacturers and distributors of products containing infringing photographs.
  • Represented art dealer in claims involving reproduction and embellishment of fine art paintings and lithographs.
  • Represented electronic news publisher in copyright infringement litigation involving competing electronic service.
  • Represented manufacturer/creator of unique ornamental sculptures incorporated into outdoor lawn decoration in multiple copyright infringement actions against various competitors and national retail chains who sold substantially similar products.
  • Represented web site owner in claims involving copying of web site.
  • Represented publishing company in claims involving copyright ownership.
  • Represented art gallery in connection with alleged copyright violations for sale and marketing of fine art paintings.
  • Represented copyright holder in dispute regarding publication of magazine.
  • Represented copyright holder in action involving copying of visual arts work and importation of infringing imitations from overseas.
  • Represented copyright holder in an action involving copyrighted computer source code for electronic data retrieval and analysis functions.
  • Represented manufacturer of limited edition art prints in dispute involving alleged copyrights.
Corporate Law
  • Represented corporations on a variety of corporate organization and operation issues.
  • Represented corporations in preparation of articles of incorporation, by-laws, and board minutes for use in establishing new businesses or reorganizing existing businesses.
    Represented employers and firearms related businesses in firearms regulations and policy disputes.
  • Represented securities broker-dealer in lease negotiations for United States operations.
  • Represented employers in OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance matters.
  • Represented corporations in stock and asset sales.
  • Represented corporations in buy/sell agreements.
Employment and Discrimination Law
  • Represented officers and directors of company in defending breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Represented employers in defending wrongful termination claims.
  • Represented employers in defending employment retaliation claims.
  • Represented employers in defending Fair Labor Standards Act claims.
  • Represented real estate brokerage in Fair Housing Act Litigation.
  • Represented employers in establishment of workplace procedures, employment manuals, and employee and independent contractor non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.
Finance and Lender Liability Litigation
  • Represented bank in foreclosure of commercial property involving nonpayment and multiple covenant breaches.
  • Represented financing company in defending various Federal statutory claims.
  • Represented real estate developer in connection with dispute involving failure to meet lending criteria.
  • Represented real estate developer in connection with dispute involving pretextual covenant defaults.
  • Represented real estate developers in defense of commercial foreclosure proceedings.
  • Represented guarantors in various workout and contingent liability litigation.
Insurance Issues
  • Represented family of child diagnosed with autism in action against national insurance company based on insurance company’s failure to reimburse therapy expenses.
  • Represented manufacturing company in claim by workers’ compensation insurer for additional earned premiums.
  • Represented employer in action involving classifications of employees for insurance purposes.
  • Represented insurance agency in claims involving suitability of long term life insurance products.
Intellectual Property Agreements and Licensing
  • Represented and advised owners of intellectual property rights regarding licensing of intellectual property including, patents, copyrights and trademarks, and prepared related documentation.
  • Represented clients regarding confidentiality and non-disclosure issues and prepared related documentation memorializing agreements on such topics.
  • Represented company in negotiation of colocation licensing agreement for off-site servers and data storage.
  • Represented musical publishers, producers, and artists in negotiation of recording, work for hire, and performance contracts.
Landlord / Tenant Litigation
  • Represented landlord in eviction proceeding of state sponsored charter school for life safety and building code violations.
  • Represented landlord in commercial eviction proceeding involving multiple sub-lessees on premises after master tenant default.
  • Represented landlord in eviction proceeding involving technical college’s non-payment of increased rent.
  • Represented landlords in multiple proceedings involving retail and manufacturing tenant evictions.
  • Represented tenant in eviction proceeding involving noise and security related nuisance claims.
  • Represented tenant in eviction proceeding involving non-payment of CAM assessments and rent increases.
  • Represented landlord in multiple residential evictions to clear property of holdover tenants for development purposes.
  • Represented tenant in eviction proceeding involving anchor tenant.
  • Represented tenant in eviction proceeding relating to delayed build-out of leased space.
  • Represented landlord in eviction proceeding involving failure of build-out of premises.
  • Represented commercial tenants and landlords in negotiation of leases for shopping malls, retail strip centers, storefront warehouses, agricultural premises and restaurants.
Patent Infringement and Trade Secret Litigation
  • Represented technology company patent holder in infringement actions against cellular telephone service providers regarding video messaging technology and radio transmission technology.
  • Represented creator of proprietary medical treatment system in claims against former licensee for continued use of materials after termination of license.
  • Represented clients at multiple Markman hearings addressing claim interpretation issues.
  • Represented individual inventor/patent holder of automatic plant watering system in patent infringement action against distributor of infringing product.
  • Represented manufacturing company patent holder in patent infringement action involving ornamental consumer product.
  • Represented manufacturing company patent holder in patent infringement action relating to precision measuring machines.
  • Represented appellant before Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in claim regarding false marking of patent numbers on product.
  • Represented individual inventor patent holder before District Court and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in patent infringement litigation against manufacturer of caulking tubes.
  • Represented manufacturing company in defense of design patent claims involving architectural product.
  • Represented individual inventor patent holder in infringement action against manufacturing company using patented production machine.
  • Represented manufacturing company in defense of patent infringement claims involving computer hardware and electronic control technology.
  • Represented manufacturing company in defense of patent infringement claims involving video camera technology.
Products Liability
  • Represented manufacturer of kitchen utensil in defense of action commenced by individual who claimed injury by product.
  • Represented clients in defense of numerous product liability actions against manufacturers and sellers relating to airframe and aircraft enginepower plant design, manufacture, and installation.
  • Represented manufacturers and employers in products liability claims arising from industrial accidents.
  • Represented distributor in action claiming cosmetic product caused skin disorder.
Real Estate and Title Litigation
  • Represented petitioner in New York appeal of administrative ruling preventing reasonable land use.
  • Represented plaintiff in action to cancel real estate contract relating to development property in New York State.
  • Represented party in proceedings to determine proper title to real estate.
  • Represented broker-dealer in defense of litigation involving alleged fraud in connection with sale of securities.
  • Represented former executive and founder of a pharmaceutical manufacturer in prosecution of a securities and business fraud claim and defense of privatizations of a public company.
  • Represented issuer of variable annuity in Arbitration involving allegations of improper calculation of death benefit.
  • Represented manufacturing company in dispute regarding leveraged buyout.
  • Represented broker-dealers in claims involving employees.
Trademark and Trade Dress
  • Represented senior user of mark in dietary supplement business against multiple junior users whose use of mark caused confusion in marketplace.
  • Represented real estate company in trademark infringement claim asserted against junior user of trademark.
  • Represented consumer products manufacturer in multiple actions involving trade dress claims on knockoff products.
  • Represented importer in trade dress and trademark claims involving imported fashion accessories.
  • Represented manufacturing company in action involving claimed trade mark infringement involving commercial security product.
Warranty Litigation
  • Represented manufacturer of flooring products in breach of warranty dispute.
  • Represented manufacturers in defense of engine and automotive warranty claims.
  • Represented electrical contractor in defense of unsuitable product application.

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