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Breach of Contract and Interference with Contract

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Contract to sign

We handle litigation claims dealing with breach of contract or interference with a contract. The language in contracts sometimes can be difficult to interpret. Our attorneys are extremely qualified to handle even the most complicated contract disputes. Often, the question as to whether or not a breach of contract occurred will depend greatly on questions such as:

  1. Was there a legitimate contract in place?
  2. What was expected of each party?
  3. Did the parties involved change their agreement at any point?
  4. Were any terms of the contract violated?

There are many ways in which to handle these types of disputes, such as:

  • Suing to recover compensatory damages
  • Enforcing the contract on its terms (specific performance)
  • Canceling the contract and suing for restitution (repayment of money expended)
  • Suing for liquidated damages as specified in the contract

Brown Robert LLP has:

  • Represented interstate trucking company in Federal Court litigation involving dispute with former customer regarding unpaid freight tariffs and fraudulent inducement to perform shipping services.
  • Represented design professional in litigation involving design services contract.
  • Represented local manufacturing company in litigation against former executive relating to employment and brokerage contract.
  • Represented property management company in claim for interference with contractual relationship.
  • Represented national hotel in defending breach of contract claim involving vendor.
  • Represented international distributors in various tortious interference, supply contract and territorial sales disputes.
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