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Corporate Law

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Corporate Law

Our firm regularly deals with various corporate law issues. These include everything from corporate governance to acquisitions of businesses.

Our attorneys can assist corporate officers and boards in considering the implications of certain actions or agreements.  Advice like this can be critically important in attempting to anticipate and avoid future problems.

We are well equipped to assist our clients with corporate law issues and help manage legal obligations, coordinate transactions, and resolve disputes.

  • Represented corporations on a variety of corporate organization and operation issues.
  • Represented corporations in preparation of articles of incorporation, by-laws, and board minutes for use in establishing new businesses or reorganizing existing businesses.
  • Represented employers and firearms related businesses in firearms regulations and policy disputes.
  • Represented securities broker-dealer in lease negotiations for United States operations.
  • Represented employers in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance matters.
  • Represented corporations in stock and asset sales.
  • Represented corporations in negotiation and drafting buy/sell agreements, options, and voting trust agreements.
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