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Law concept: Copyright on digital background

We handle copyright infringement cases dealing with a wide range of issues. Infringement of copyright involves the unauthorized use of a work (or part of a work) without the permission of the owner of the work. These rights include the right to distribute, reproduce, perform, or display the work. There can also be claims in cases where derivative works are created that are seen as violating the copyright privileges of the original work’s owner.

Copyright law applies to many kinds of works, including pieces of literary writing, music, visual artwork, or video material.

If you are involved in a dispute involving a copyright, we are well equipped to help you address the matter.

  • Represented software designer in action to stop use of copyrighted programs.
  • Represented photographer in multiple copyright litigations against manufacturers and distributors of products containing infringing photographs.
  • Represented art dealer in claims involving reproduction and embellishment of fine art paintings and lithographs.
  • Represented electronic news publisher in copyright infringement litigation involving competing electronic service.
  • Represented manufacturer/creator of unique ornamental sculptures incorporated into outdoor lawn decoration in multiple copyright infringement actions against various competitors and national retail chains who sold substantially similar products.
  • Represented web site owner in claims involving copying of web site.
  • Represented publishing company in claims involving copyright ownership.
  • Represented art gallery in connection with alleged copyright violations for sale and marketing of fine art paintings.
  • Represented copyright holder in dispute regarding publication of magazine.
  • Represented copyright holder in action involving copying of visual arts work and importation of infringing imitations from overseas.
  • Represented copyright holder in an action involving copyrighted computer source code for electronic data retrieval and analysis functions.
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